Services - Detailed List

Forest Management, Silviculture and Forest Health

Our knowledgeable team offers a variety of forest management and silviculture solutions that help clients meet their business needs. AMS has extensive experience in preparing Site Plans for clients operating in a wide variety of silviculture regimes and ecosystems. With over 60 years of collective experience in the field and office preparation of silviculture solutions, we have developed an efficient and cost-effective process that can accommodate shortened time frames.

Our staff is here to assist you in these forest management areas:

  • Preparation of Site Plans
  • Stand Management Prescriptins
  • Planting Quality Inspections
  • Danger Tree Assessment
  • Silviculture Surveys
  • Stand Tending (thinning, pruning, fertilization)
  • Site Preparation (panning, layout, supervision)
  • Silviculture record keeping and data management (GENUS)
  • Timber Management
  • Preliminary block and road reconnaissance
  • Timber cruising
  • Cut block and road design layout
  • Logging plans
  • Forest health management
  • Cruise compilation
  • Logging supervision
  • Cutting permit preparation and applications
  • Stumpage appraisals
  • Timber valuation
  • Walkthrough probes
  • Fall & burn
  • Attack forecasting
  • Timber analysis
  • Forest Health surveys
  • Beetle probing

Avison Management Services - Forestry Management

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Environmental Services

Our experieced biologists and technicials have been providing terrestrial and riparian assessment services since 1993 and have been fundamental in establishing current in-stream works procedures in the Vanderhoof Forest District. Our ability to provide cost effective fish habitat, and detailed flora and fauna inventories for our clients in an integrated fashion reduces overall costs and timelines to approvals.

We offer a variety of environment services that include:

  • Wildlife Monitoring » Download Brochure
  • ELC Vegetation Field Surveys
  • Sediment and Biota Contaminant Studies
  • Lake Inventories
  • Watershed Overview Assessments
  • Fish Passage Culvert Assessments
  • Stream Crossing Assessments
  • Interior Watershed Assessment Projects
  • Watershed Restoration
  • Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory (streams and lakes)
  • Project Permitting
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assesments » Download Brochure
  • Stream Restoration Projects
  • Benthic Invertebrate Diversity Studies (CABIN certified)
  • Zooplankton Diversity and Biomass Studies
  • Periphyton and Phytoplankton Productivity and Diversity Studies
  • Fish Population Estimations
  • Fish Habitat Assessments
  • Wildlife Habitat Inventory and Assessment
  • Watershed Overview Assessments
  • Fish Habitat Enhancement Projects
  • Forest and Range Practices Act Stream Classification
  • Riparian Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Reconnaissance and Detailed Fish and FIsh Habitat Inventory
  • Wildlife tree Restoration
  • Data analysis and Reporting (diversity metrics, basic ad multivariate statistics)
  • Environmental Audits
  • Site Reclamation
  • DFO Environmental Management Plans
  • Fish Habitat Restoration Projects
  • Wildlife Inventory and Monitoring
  • Wildlife Habitat Inventory and Assessment
  • Riparian Habitat Assessments
  • Wildlife Tree Assessment
  • Planning and Layout
  • Research Programs (design and implementation)
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Water Quality Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis
  • Environmental Monitoring » Download Brochure
  • Education (program design and delivery)

Avison Management Services - Environmental Services

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Safety is a key component to any operation and worksite. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure safety is the top priority:

  • External BASE audits
  • Verification Audits
  • Gap Analysis
  • Develop a BC Forest Safety Council certifiable Safety program
  • Worksite Safety Assessments
  • Incident Investigation and Corrective Action recommendations

Avison Management Services - Safety Services

Hydrometric and Meteorological Services

Since 2010 Avison Management Services Ltd. has been working closely with many clients in designing, installing and monitoring hydrometric and meteorological stations throughout the north.

  • Meteorological and Hydrometric network design, station installation and monitoring.
  • Hydro-meteorological installation and monitoring
  • Snow survey data collection and snow pillow verification
  • Conduct stream flow measurements stage and gauge install and reading
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and download Sutron data loggers and GOES transmission hardware
  • Conduct yearly sensor verification and calibrations
  • Complete and submit timely reporting
  • Development of station log books with equipment inventory
  • Conduct remote monitoring of station performance using various specific software programs and websites. We have a strict client alert program in place for any potential station limitations and recommended actions
  • Project management abilities, working with other teams to create a client focused program

Avison Management Services - Hydrometric and Meteorological Services

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GIS & Mapping - Quality is Key

Spatial data management is a key component to our quality services. Our experienced staff offer the essential leading edge technology that is needed to meet today’s GIS and mapping demands.

Our GIS and mapping services include:

  • ESRI’s ARC INFO and ARC DBASE capabilities
  • GIS analysis
  • Custom Database Development
  • Operational ArcView Mapping
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Visual Analysis
  • VRI Mapping (including FDIS mapping)
  • Lake Bathymetric Mapping
  • GPS Data Integration
  • Full Digitizing and Plotting Capabilities

Avison Management Services - Environmental Services


AMS' experience and established relationship with various government representatives allow for a smooth permitting process. We provide clients with the means to acquire the necessary permits for their project in these areas:

  • Permit application and submission
  • Agency liaison

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Planning & Project Management

The challenges of planning for a variety of clients are met by our team of professionals that have the abilities and resources to develop and obtain approval for plans in complex areas. AMS has been a key participant in processes such as the Vanderhoof and Fort St. James LRMPs, the Vanderhoof Sustainable Forest Management Plan, Landscape Working Groups and the Vanderhoof IFPA.

  • Forest licence applications and proposals
  • Forest Development (Stewardship) Planning
  • Silviculture Planning
  • Access management planning
  • Contract / Project management
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Control Project Management
  • Workshop and Meeting Facilitation

Avison Management Services

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Forest Fire Protection

Our purpose is to serve our clients with the most experienced self contained fire suppression crew and deliver this service in a cost efficient and safe manner. Expertise in this area ensures the highest level of safety to our crews and ensures burning objectives are met while minimizing the risk of fire on other values.

  • Fire suppression
  • Danger tree assessment
  • Total fire control management from Initial Attack Crews to project fire overhead team personnel
  • Aerial ignition
  • Infra-red scanning
  • Controlled prescribed burning (pile burning, slash burning)
  • Wildland rural/urban interface fire control (Firesmart)

Avison Management Services - Environmental Services

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AMS provides the necessary services to do a complete reclamation of a project site:

  • Site Clean-up
  • Reclamation Plans
  • Revegetation/Tree Planting

Avison Management Services - Reclamation services

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GHG Carbon Accounting

AMS is here to conduct GHG verifications, carbon accounting and project management for your project, from start up to completion:

  • GHG Verification
  • Carbon Accounting and Project management
  • Third Party Verification GHG

Avison Management Services - GHG Carbon Accounting - Hydrology

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Education & Training

In addition to contributing to community, First Nations, and school programs, Avison Management Services offers formal training in:

  • S-100 Firefighter Training
  • ATV and Snowmobile Safety
  • Radio Communication
  • Bear Aware
  • Environmental Management Systems

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